About Us

Shapeshift delivers the high impact image that makes people take notice.  Through our creative photography and development of advertising campaigns and concepts, we assist our clients in bringing the best images to their customers.  Our lighting equipment and techniques can cater for any need and in any situation or location.  We also affiliate with leading stylists, hair and make up artists, PR agencies and publications to assist you in marketing your brand.  With 10 years experience in the LA market, our approach comes from a solid foundation of knowing the trends in this city and across the globe.


We pride ourselves on promoting our clients, while maintaining relationships that are based on trust and professionalism.


We specialize in servicing your niche of:

LIFESTYLE: Commercial Images to suit everything that makes up your lifestyle in the genres of work, sport and play!! This includes                     corporate portraits and headshots, activity based images, family leisure images and marketing stock imagery.

BODY: Athlete, Portrait and Product photography (including Skincare, Cosmetics and Consumables) 

SWIMWEAR: All Commercial, Editorial and Product (including ghost mannequin) photography of womens and mens swimwear