About Us

Shapeshift delivers the high impact image that makes people take notice.  Through our creative photography and development of advertising campaigns and concepts, we assist our clients in bringing the best images to their customers.  Our lighting equipment and techniques can cater for any need and in any situation or location.  We also affiliate with leading stylists, hair and make up artists, PR agencies and publications to assist you in marketing your brand.  With 10 years experience in the LA market, our approach comes from a solid foundation of knowing the trends in this city and across the globe.


We pride ourselves on promoting our clients, while maintaining relationships that are based on trust and professionalism.


We specialise in, but are not restricted to, servicing your niche of:

LIFESTYLE: Commercial Images to suit everything that makes up your lifestyle in the genres of work, sport and play!! This includes                     corporate portraits and headshots, activity based images, family leisure images and marketing stock imagery.

BODY: Athlete, Portrait and Product photography (including Skincare, Cosmetics and Consumables) 

SWIMWEAR: All Commercial, Editorial and Product (including ghost mannequin) photography of womens and mens swimwear 


Photographer       Adrian Wlodarczyk                                 Ph:  310 741 7773        

​Adrian has come to Shapeshift Photography from Australia with a wealth of experience as a renowned commercial and lifestyle photographer.  He also has experience in editorial and event photography. His work is seen on a regular basis in publications and campaigns the world over.  With his broad marketing knowledge base he is eager to share his talent and creative ideas with our clients.  Adrian believes every person has a unique look and every moment can be felt in a photograph. 


Adrian has been a professional photographer for over 10 years and is a native of Melbourne, Australia.  He has been a regular visitor to Los Angeles for 15 years and a resident for 4, living on the Westside, close to the ocean.  He has provided lifestyle, commercial and editorial images to businesses and companies around the world.


Catch up with him in LA to talk photography, or maybe look out for him on a wave or ski slope somewhere, usually trying his best to hurt himself!!

Principal               John Carney 

John has over a decade of experience in the photography and business worlds. John's enthusiasm for new ventures and ideas that have a point of difference keep him at the forefront of the marketplace. 

While Adrian is hurting himself on the slopes, John will be flying by at high speed, with skiing being one of his many loves.